LinkedIn Talent Brand Index: How attractive is your Company

Recommend LinkedIn ConnectionsLinkedIn Talent Brand Index is  a great way for brands to learn about the perception of the brand among prospective employees, customers and colleagues. HR department of almost all major companies try to gauge the efforts of their PR campaigns and branding campaigns and LinkedIn is the perfect tool to leverage to measure brand perception of companies . LinkedIn enables professions with many professional and networking tools so that they can create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  and share on LinkedIn. For employers, LinkedIn is a great resource to test the effectiveness of their brand among professionals and the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index is designed to help companies manager their brands more effectively.

Overview of LinkedIn Talent Brand Index

  • The LinkedIn Talent Brand Index measures engagement over a wide reach of your company’s activities online and the engagement metric is helpful as it is a relative metric and measure of the company’s success over a period of time.
  • The results of the index can be used to create an actionable agenda for the company as the marketing department can then use the results to structure and tailor their campaigns
  • The results of the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index is used showcase the InDemand results of some of the most sought after employers around the world. The interactive info graphic is available here.
  • LinkedIn has a very interesting whitepaper on how the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index is calculated and it showcases the very methodical and systematic way of how it calculates the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index in a whitepaper
  • To know how your company is placed in the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index, contact the LinkedIn team on this page

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that shows you what the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index measures.

Getting Started – LinkedIn Talent Brand Index

Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? How do you think professionals view your company online? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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