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Are you passionate about something? Start LinkedIn group if you haven’t and invite the entire community to share your passion. There are millions of users on LinkedIn that have various interests from industry events, movements and ideas that would be glad they found a group you created. There are many benefits to creating a LinkedIn group that will allow you to gain more LinkedIn Connections and become an influential professional in your industry. If you are a company owner or a representative of the company and haven’t created a LinkedIn page that is the first step to build a presence on a company level before you start creating groups for individual interests.

LinkedIn calls Groups – industry groups (Industry Associations, etc.) or shared interest groups (technology, programming languages, products, etc.), but they all are associated with LinkedIn members who engage with other members, bounce ideas of each other and create groups to aggregate the community. There are a few things you must do when you start LinkedIn group that can help you reap the benefits of having a vibrant LinkedIn group.

Tips – Start LinkedIn Group

  • Start LinkedIn group and invite your colleagues at work and your friends – you might be surprised how many people you know might share that hobby, opinion of the group
  • Become a Group Expert in your field of interest and LinkedIn members will start identifying you with the idea which is great for networking and meeting more professionals.
  • If you start LinkedIn group that is an excellent first step. Your next goal should be to engage users who are part of the group as an inactive LinkedIn group is not useful to anyone.
  • Comment on news within your LinkedIn group and discuss with professionals – LinkedIn is known to have an active communoity that willingly participates in discussions, reviews of products, etc.
  • If you are starting a website or a company, start LinkedIn group and get feedback from people; what better way to get gain knowledge and opinions than asking industry experts
  • Once you start LinkedIn group, as a Group Manager you can feature some of the most exciting discussion thraads in the Group so that all the members can add their thoughts if the discussion topic is gaining steam.
  • Start LinkedIn group and you will soon discover it is a great way to meet new professionals on the network – industry networking events are great, but it is always great to have a common platform that enables you to meet people from all over the world.
  • Once you start LinkedIn group, comment, like or start a new discussion on a LinkedIn Group. Introduce yourself to the community; don’t try to sell anything but use LinkedIn Groups as a platform to showcase your talent and you will be rewarded well in the form of recognition

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that tells you how to start Linked Group and engage users in it to create a vibrant community. The video walks through how to join LinkedIn groups and how groups enable LinkedIn users to engage with the community on different industry topics.

Start a LinkedIn Group

Have you started a LinkedIn group? What are your recommendations when it comes to how to start a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn groups provide a great source of value to professionals and we would like to hear more about the LinkedIn groups from you. How have you have been keeping the LinkedIn group you started active on LinkedIn.

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