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Share on LinkedIn and make use of one of the world’s best professional tools. LinkedIn is a great professional resource for your business and allows you to share on LinkedIn. It enables you to make professional connections and provides a great platform to interact with like-minded professionals. While you can do a number of things on LinkedIn like create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  in your area of interest, one of the things that differentiates LinkedIn from other networks out there include the ability to seamlessly share information with your business network. Apart from making business connections on LinkedIn, LinkedIn provides a number of other benefits that include finding jobs, internships and groups to interact with other people interested in your passion or business.

How to Share on LinkedIn

  • Sharing on LinkedIn is very simple – you can share on external websites like business websites, blogs, etc. or you can share directly from your LinkedIn profile
  • Use the inShare button found on popular websites like TechCrunch, etc. and directly swhare an article, image or presentation with your LinkedIn network
  • If you are already on LinkedIn and know the website you want to share, directly click on Post Updates in your Profile page and share with your connections
  • You have the ability to customize Share on LinkedIn to an individual or group of individuals
  • You can also cut and paste the LinkedIn bookmarklet (LinkedIn bookmarklet) and share any page while you read it

Share on LinkedIn – Benefits of Sharing on LinkedIn

  • Being active on LinkedIn provides a number of benefits to individuals as it acts like an online resume
  • Share on LinkedIn and immediately get recognized for your articles you post. Your connections will look forward to learning more about your area of interest
  • Share on LinkedIn and start a conversation with your connections – it is a great way to stay in touch and you don’t have to wait for that off-site of conference to touch base with them
  • By sharing articles and your company news on LinkedIn it will keep a lot of your company fans and well-wishers informed of the progress you are making.

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that tells you how to share on LinkedIn derive the benefits of interacting with a vibrant professional community like LinkedIn.

Share on LinkedIn

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn? Do you share any business news or interesting articles on technology & business on LinkedIn. Do share your LinkedIn experiences with our readers.

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