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LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals and you should make complete use of it by having a complete LinkedIn profile. Many people crate LinkedIn profiles, thinking it is just another social network like Facebook or Twitter, but miss the bigger picture as it acts like a online professional resume which can help LinkedIn users connect and interact with their industry peers efficiently. If you are a small business owner or part of a start up, create a LinkedIn Company page that will allow your company to leverage the benefits of a professional community. There are many tips on how to create a complete LinkedIn profile and also many benefits attached to creating a complete LinkedIn profile.

How to Complete LinkedIn Profile

  • Start by adding you education history and work your way through by completing your most recent work/job positions
  • Use the LinkedIn contacts importer by logging into your email and invite or send LinkedIn connection requests to them so you have your colleagues in your professional network
  • Add any certifications you have received that is relevant to the type of work; often job recruiters like this kind of information when making job offers and it helps them sort through the plethora of professionals in LinkedIn
  • On a personal level, add your Twitter handle and any websites (blogs) you have – this could help you in receiving advertising offers if they see you have a brilliant website
  • If you have a colleague you have worked with a lot, seek a LinkedIn Recommendation from them. This is a short testimonial they cna write that will go on your LinkedIn Profile and is a great way for you to showcase your talent through the words of other LinkedIn users.
  • If you have received any awards from industry events, competitions, associations then put them in the Honors & Awards section
  • And at the end say why you are on LinkedIn, the profile allows you to pick a few options like – . It is good to be candid in a network like LinkedIn as it will enable you to connect with professionals and also allow them to interact with you whether it is to start a relevant group or discuss about an industry trend.

Benefits of having a Complete LinkedIn Profile

  • If you have a complete LinkedIn profile, you can make more LinkedIn connections which will allow you to expand your network not just locally but globally as well as you can connect with industry experts across the world.
  • A complete LinkedIn profile will enable you start LinkedIn groups and establish yourself as an influential expert/leader in your domain
  • Often job recruiters will scan your name on LinkedIn, to get a glimpse of your professional career. It is best to create a great impression from the beginning by having a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn that has almost become an extension of your resume.
  • If you have a complete LinkedIn profile, and interact with the community you stand a chance of becoming an influential LinkedIn expert that can give a great boost to your professional career.
  • You can apply for jobs using the Apply with LinkedIn feature many companies use and having a complete LinkedIn profile is like having a complete resume – better chances of making a great impression and getting that dream job

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that tells you how to complete LinkedIn profile and reap the benefits of interacting with a vibrant professional community like LinkedIn.

Complete LinkedIn Profile

What is your networking experience on LinkedIn? Do you prefer to attend networking sessions in conferences, etc. or do you use LinkedIn as a networking tool? Has a complete LinkedIn profile helped you in any way? Do share your LinkedIn experiences with our readers.

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