LinkedIn Talent Pipeline – Manage Your Talent Leads

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline is a great way for recruiters to manage their talent leads effectively. LinkedIn provides a great platform for recruiters as they can reach out to potential candidates and manage their interview and recruiting process. While a professional network like LinkedIn has many business facing solutions like ads, etc. LinkedIn Talent Pipeline gets very granular and targets the HR industry at large to solve the much talked about problem of talent lead management. According to the LinkedIn Talent Pipeline webpage, many distinguished companies like Netflix, Pfizer, Pepsico, etc. are signed up for LinkedIn Talent Pipeline which adds to the credibility of LinkedIn Talent Pipeline and the amazing engineering/business focus of LinkedIn.

Benefits of LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

  • A talent lead management dashboard like LinkedIn Talent Pipeline will allow you to centralize all leads regardless of the platform you originally got the lead such as Salesforce, JobScore, etc.
  • You can import leads to manage from any source: a big plus is that LinkedIn Talent Pipeline allows you to import third-party lead sources and is not a walled garden
  • Once you import leads, LinkedIn will update their LinkedIn profiles and attach it to your leads. This will provide up-to-date information of the candidates you are looking to interview/hire
  • Constantly track status of leads through Talent Pipeline: by tracking status of candidates it gives you a snapshot of the progress your recruiting project
  • Customizable tags allow you to group candidates into buckets that will help search more effectively

Here is a short video from LinkedIn introducing Talent Pipeline.

 Explore LinkedIn Talent Pipeline | You can also tune into the intro about Talent Pipeline webinar here.

Start using LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

Do you plan on using Talent Pipeline? If so, how do you plan on using it to manage your talent leads. If you are already using LinkedIn Talent Pipeline, share your thoughts about Talent Pipeline with our readers in the Comments below.

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