How to add LinkedIn Job History

Recommend LinkedIn ConnectionsLinkedIn is a great professional social network that enables people to connect with on a professional level. LinkedIn enables people to create a digital resume by having a LinkedIn job history. LinkedIn encourages users to fill out their LinkedIn job history so that they can use it to apply for jobs and also engage with other users on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides benefits to professionals as you can create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  and share on LinkedIn. Complete your LinkedIn job history and reap the benefits of having a comprehensive professional .

How to add LinkedIn job history

  • Log into LinkedIn
  • Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Add Position
  • According to the video below from the LinkedIn YouTube channel it is recommended that you cover at least the last 3 job positions in your LinkedIn job history section.
  • While adding to your LinkedIn job history, you have to input the Company name, Job Title, Location, Time Period and short Description of the role. Grab your resume and start filling out your LinkedIn job history to complete your LinkedIn profile

Benefits of adding LinkedIn Job history

  • Add all your recent positions to the LinkedIn job history. Don’t forget to add your existing work role to the LinkedIn job history, because your existing colleagues and customers will want to connect with you.
  • Add your internships as well (paid and unpaid) as it will enhance the overall outlook of your profile. If you are new in the job market, internships is your best bet to find that dream job.
  • Adding all your past work positions will help you showcase your history and help you spell out the various projects you have worked on. Use this opportunity to add projects and other work-related tasks you have worked on. Don’t leave out non-profit work and other community service initiatives you have undertaken.
  • Along with your job positions, think of getting LinkedIn recommendations from your colleagues. You should also recommend LinkedIn Connections for their skills. This is a great time to reciprocate a professional relationship and start building up to your dream role.

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that shows you how to complete LinkedIn job history

Getting Started – LinkedIn Job History

Have you added LinkedIn job history to your LinkedIn profile? Do you think a LinkedIn profile is a new age replacement for a resume? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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