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Recommend LinkedIn ConnectionsA lot of professionals use LinkedIn and Outlook for professional work and to connect with their colleagues. LinkedIn has a special plugin through which you can add LinkedIn for Outlook seamlessly with little to no effort. LinkedIn provides many benefits to professionals as you can create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  and share on LinkedIn. Add LinkedIn for Outlook and reap the benefits of interacting with your LinkedIn connections by seeing what they are reading, connecting with and more.

How to add  LinkedIn for Outlook

  • Download the LinkedIn for Outlook file from here . It is a .exe file. Download it and run it. It will guide you through the installation process which should take a few seconds
  • Note: You need the Outlook Social Connector to install the LinkedIn for Outlook plugin. Don’t worry, the LinkedIn for Outlook installation process will
  • If you are already using, you will start seeing the LinkedIn icon next to your contacts and can also start seeing your LinkedIn connections activity.
  • LinkedIn for Outlook will add a new folder under My Contacts so that all your LinkedIn connection activity is aggregated in one place.

Benefits of adding LinkedIn for Outlook

  • Add LinkedIn for Outlook to connect with work colleagues, customers and prospective clients. Many professionals use Outlook as their primary email client and adding a social layer over that is very beneficial to make long lsating professional relationships.
  • The plugin will enable you to see which of your email contacts are on LinkedIn and you can directly add them on LinkedIn from within the Outlook interface.
  • When a project ends, it is good to keep that connection and instead of a static email thread, it is good to take the professional working relationship forward by adding Linkedin for Outlook and connecting with them
  • By using LinkedIn for Outlook, you can seamlessly view what your LinkedIn connections are reading, etc. without leaving the Outlook client.

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that shows you how to add LinkedIn for Outlook

Getting Started – LinkedIn for Outlook

Have you added LinkedIn for Outlook? Did you add LinkedIn for Outlook to see what your connections are doing or to connect and interact with them? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

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