How to Recommend LinkedIn Connections

Recommend LinkedIn ConnectionsLinkedIn is a vibrant professional social network that enables. professionals from all over the world An integral part of building your professional digital resume is to have endorsements from clients, colleagues and managers in one place that can vouch for your skills. LinkedIn provides many benefits to professionals as you can create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  and share on LinkedIn. Recommend LinkedIn connections based on your work with them. Some examples of recommending LinkedIn connections include students you have collaborated with, colleageus at work, internship managers, etc.

How to recommend LinkedIn Connections

  • In your LinkedIn profile page, click on the Profile tab in the header and click on Recommendations found here
  • Here you can recommend LinkedIn recommendation connections or ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation from your LinkedIn connection.
  • You can recommend a person as Colleague, Service Provider, Business Partner or Student which covers most professional associations between people
  • A good strategy is to personalize the LinkedIn Recommendation request by asking your former manager, etc. to write in on their thoughts about your collaboration on a specific project you worked on.
  • Recommend LinkedIn connections based on the work you have done and keep the LinkedIn recommendation short and to the point.

Benefits of Recommending LinkedIn Connections

  • Recommend LinkedIn Connections to start building up a professional resume online. A complete and comprehensive digital resume with references on LinkedIn is similar to a resume and will help others in the job search process.
  • LinkedIn Recommendations add credibility to your online identity. While you can certainly recommend LinkedIn connections, also ask for a LinkedIn recommendation for yourself. Build out your professional identity so that it will help you in the future.
  • Recommend LinkedIn connections you enjoy working and collaborating with on projects, workplace, etc. It is important. Always take the task of recommending a LinkedIn recommendation seriously because it will be displayed on the person’s profile.
  • Online recommendations and references are the future. These days there are recommendations for restaurants, apps, etc. and it is only natural to extend that to the professional work individuals do. Embrace it and start early. Start building your professional network out and recommend LinkedIn connections.

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that shows you how to recommend LinkedIn connections.

Getting Started – Recommend LinkedIn Connections

How many recommendations do you have from your LinkedIn Connections? Do you think this is the new age replacement for referrals for job interviews? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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