How to Get Started with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn AdsLinkedIn Ads provide a great resource for online marketers to target folks in a business setting. LinkedIn Ads provide the ability to target at a granular level and this feature is one of the prime benefits of the advertising network. You can do a number of things on LinkedIn like create a LinkedIn Company page , start LinkedIn groupsmake more LinkedIn connections  and share on LinkedIn in your area of interest but one of the things that differentiates LinkedIn from other networks out there is to target a users in a business environment. LinkedIn acts as an online resume for millions of people around the world and with this valuable data, online marketers can leverage this data to target potential customers with LinkedIn Ads of their product/service.

How to start LinkedIn Ads

  • Start LinkedIn Ads with a small budget and a goal that can be measured in terms of success and CTR
  • Min. budget for LinkedIn Ads is $10 and Min. CPC is $2.00. This is a premium min. CPC to participate in LinkedIn Ads but the data that they have is also very valuable and deserves the premium over over ad networks like Google, etc.
  • As they say in the LinkedIn Ads video (at 30:05), “4 keys to success is a) clear, measurable goals b) segment audiences c)speak directly to target audiences d) optimize and refine”
  • LinkedIn Ads appear in 4 different formats on LinkedIn pages
  • Be sure to have different LinkedIn Ads  creatives for different target audience – social networks provide unique and segmented data for marketers (this type of data is very rare) and as an online marketer you should make maximum use of this feature. Create customized and granular ads for your target audience – include a unique trait of that segment in your ad creative to appeal to them directly about your product/service

Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads provide a unique targeting ability by profession that is missing in most social networks
  • Online marketers can target by level of seniority and also specific companies type if you feel a specific industry responds favorably to your product/service
  • Marketers can also target ads towards the size of company. This is especially useful if your product/service has an affinity towards Small-Medium-Enterprises or large corporations.
  • If your product/service requires a special skill (like CRM management, etc.) you can target LinkedIn Ads towards people with specific skill sets that would find your product/service useful
  • LinkedIn Ads provide a great resource to identify and target your prospective business customers by enabling online marketers to segment and reap the benefits of targeted advertising

Here is a short video from the LinkedIn YouTube channel that shows you how to get started with LinkedIn Ads

Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads

How much do you spend on LinkedIn Ads? Have you tried LinkedIn Ads to get business or visibility for the product/service you provide? Would you start LinkedIn Ads for your business or company if you were given a coupon?

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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