Google Ad Formats for Adsense and Adwords

Google Ad Formats

If you are a Google Adsense publisher or a Google Adwords advertiser there are many Google Ad formats to be aware to get maximum results. Some formats like the 300 x 350 and 728 x 90 are so popular that almost all advertisers use it to enhance ROI and all publishers add that to their content to maximize earnings. Google Ad formats are pivotal to the success of campaigns for advertisers and content for publishers, and the ability yto find a perfect balance between various Google Ad Formats is often the trick to success. Some websites are very successful using the Google Ad formats (text ads), whereas other websites find Image ads to be very good in terms of CTR.

Benefits of using Google Ad Formats (Advertisers)

  • Google has a great content network you can use to put up both text and image ads; as advertisers be sure to make separate adgroups for image ads and text ads to compare performance and tweak campaigns
  • Use theĀ Adwords Display Ad Builder: Suggested Image Ads feature to create ads from your existing text ads or fresh image ads to boost CTR and reach
  • Add phone numbers to your Google Adwords campaigns; by using these Google Ad Formats you can gain a competitive advantage over competitors by successfully having your prospective customers call your sales team directly.

Benefits of using Google Ad Formats (Publishers)

  • The Advertiser network google has is one of the largest in the world which means more advertisers competing for your ad spots next to your content (if it is relevant)
  • The percentage of revenue Google shares with publishers is a healthy 68% for Adsense for Content and 51% for Adsense for search
  • Google Adsense team is on multiple social media platforms; follow them to get theĀ latest Adsense related news

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Different Types of Google Ad Formats

If you are an advertiser what Google AdFormats do you use for your campaigns for clients. Are specific banner ads particularly good in terms of performance? As a publisher what do you like about Adsense. Do share your thoughts with our readers.

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