Adwords Display Ad Builder: Benefit from Suggested Image Ads

Google Adwords Display Ad Builder

Google Adwords Display Ad Builder is a great marketing tool to create some amazing image ads for the Google Display Network. If you are managing many PPC accounts or creating a new account for a client, the Display Network is a vast ocean of opporutnity as you can put your ads on highly targeted. In many cases the IT team has to churn out many different image ad formats (typically starting with 300 x 250 and 728 x 90), but the Adwords Display Ad Builder allows anyone to quickly create and test image ads on the Display Network. You don’t need any previous graphic design experience to create image ads. Google Adwords recently launched the Suggested Image Ads feature which makes it even more simple to create ads as it takes your existing text ads and recommends some great image ads to use in the Google Display Network.

Benefits of using the Adwords Display Ad Builder

  • Quickly create image ads and test their performance in the Display Network using the Adwords Display Ad Builder
  • Split test image ads to see which image ad increases
  • Suggested Image Ads feature will take your existing ads and create attractive image ads for you to use (you can always edit it if you feel it is missing something)
  • People are bored seeing the same old text ads everywhere; grab the user’s attention by creating great image ads within the Adwords interface
  • You don’t have to wait for the IT team or the graphic design artist to create image ads for you; you can create image ads and impress your boss with some fine grpahic design work (with the help of Google of course)

Here is a short video from the Google Business YouTube channel that quickly tells you how to use the Adwords Display ad builder. This is an old video and doesn’t incorporate the new Suggested Image Ads feature, but is worth a watch because it explains the Adwords Display Ad Builder feature very nicely and in clear and concise language.

Adwords Display Ad Builder

If you have created display ads using the Google Adwords Display Ad Builder, leave a note below on your experience. Was it very simple to create an image ad? Would you still use photoshop to create ads or use the Adwords Display Ad Builder in the future?

Image Credit: Google

News Tip: Google Blog

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