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Google Adsense

We all are familiar with the popular Google Adsense program that helps millions of publishers monetize their content online. While many publishers are happy getting their check towards the end of the month, many are also curious on what percentage. Google prides itself in being publisher centric and it is no secret that this is what has made them very successful amidst a bunch of ad networks. Many publishers often under-utilize the features available on Google Adsense as it is constantly undergoing additions, changes, etc. Following the Adsense team on your favorite platforms will keep you up to date with the latest happenings with the wonderful advertising platform that everyone loves. As publishers, you can always consider a list of Google Adsense alternatives to diversify your revenue, but if you are just starting with your blog online, the best way to start is to use Google Adsense which is convenient and easy to install.

There are some great resources for Adsense publishers that you might not be aware off. Adsense team is available on many platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and it can provide dividens especially if you are new to Adsense or looking to improve your adsense revenue by implementing useful tips that are often shared on these platforms. Any changes or new additions to the product are announced on their official blog which can help publishers monetize their content more effectively.

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If you use Google Reader or any other reader to keep tabs on your favorite blogs, a must-have blog is the Adsense official blog found.

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