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Structure adwords account the right way and reap the benefits of having a organized Adwords account. In the marketing world, we all know how Google Adwords is a great marketing tool for businesses to showcase their product or service. An important dilemma advertisers face is the ability to leverage Adwords to gain maximum sales or conversions. One of the most common problems is the structure of adwords account. Learn to structure adwords account the right way and you can see quality scores increase, which is directly related to a lower cost per click and you can almost instantly turn around your account if it is performing badly. There is always room for restructuring adwords account even if you are performing exceptionally well.

Important tips – Structure Adwords Account

  • Create different ad groups for different products or services you offer; For example if you offer online marketing services create a campaign for online marketing and split your advertising platforms you use – Facebook Marketing, Facebook Page Creation, Facebook Page Management, Google Adwords mangement, etc.
  • Aim to have 10 – 15 keywords per Adgroup; Google adwords checks for themes and relevancy so don’t include too many keywords when you structure adwords account
  • Once you restructure or structure adwords account give it some time; few days typically is required for Google to recognize that you re-structured the account

Here is a short video from the Google Business YouTube channel that tells you how best to structure adwords account. The video walks thorugh a Cooking class team that levergaed new srestruturing of their adwords account to reap the benefits of re-structuring the adwords account. At the end of the day it is up to you as the account manager to structure adwords account as you know your business best.

Structure Adwords Account

If you have seen a great turnaround of your Adwords account because you re-structured it we would like to hear your story. Leave a note on how re-structuring the Adwords account enabled you to increase campaign performance. If you are new to Google Adwords and would like help in re-structuring your Adwords account leave a note below with your email and we will be happy to help structure adwords account.

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