How to Find Movie Showtimes Using Google Movie Search

GoogleWhen you are looking to catch a new movie in your neighborhood theater, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is the movie review – what people think of it. They turn to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and other websites to see how it has been rated by movie critics and other people. Once you see the reviews and decide to watch it with your family an friends you turn to getting directions to a theater or booking a ticket online which has become veyr convenient with a plethora of mobbile apps at your fingertips. Did you know – Google has a simple feature – Google movie search that will let you see all of these features (where it is playing, showtimes, reviews) in a simple and clutter free website.

Google Movie search is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to quickly find a movie near their home. You might have already encountered Google movie search if you searched for a movie by name. If Google movie search knows your location it should readily show you the showtimes near your location. Give it a spin – try searching for a recently released movie. For example lets do a search for the Denzel Washington starrer Safe House (2012). You will notice Google movie search already has my location and shows me the local showtimes for the movie. It also has reviews that Google aggregates at the top.

Google Movie Search - Safe House

If you click through the nearest theater, you will be taken to a clutter free page that has more in-depth detail about the movie.

Google Movie Search Safe House DetailsThe Reviews section of the Google movie search page has snippets from some of the most famous movie critics around the globe. This helps users understand different opinions as movie websites often have a lot of ads, content and opinions mixed together making it hard for users to distinguish between unbiased content and paid content. If you click on a  showtime in the Google movie search page that is convenient for you, you will be taken to Fandango ticketing website where you can conveniently book a ticket. (Note however that Fandango charges a convenience fee on top of the ticket price.)

Access Google Movie Search

Next time your friend recommends a movie head over to Google Movie Search to quickly find out movies playing near your city.

Image Credit: Google

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