Do you know all the Google search features?

GoogleIf you use Google, you are probably aware of the many facets of searching on Google. Some people use Google to check weather, find latest articles about a specific topic or use it at work to complete a project on time. Given that Google is over 10 years, it has constantly worked hard to understand user behavior and make its results more relevant to your search queries. The Google team constantly tweaks the Google search features to benefit users. The Google team recently released a very informative video on how to best make use of Google’s search features. The video below is a very short video (1:48) that quickly summarizes the powerful Google search features – it covers useful tips like how to use Google as a calculator, converter or how to use the filter options to get exactly what you want.

What do you use Google primarily for? If you have discovered Google search features not in the video, do share it with our readers and us in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Google

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