How to Add Your Blog to Google Blog Search

Google Blog SearchDo you have a new blog and looking to get traffic? Don’t worry we are not promising thousands of visitors overnight or some vague scheme promising to get you back-links. Instead we are telling you what you should do first to become visible on Google Blog Search – a simple service by Google that searches millions of blogs in the world. Organically building your blog’s traffic is a long process, but then again none of these quick schemes work as promised. Google is the unrivalled king in search and the phrase “if you are not on Google you don’t exist” is true on many levels.

Google has many verticals like Finance, Local, YouTube, News, etc. but not many people know that Google also has a Google Blog Search vertical. Google Blog search indexes millions of blogs and is a useful tool for anyone looking to find out other people’s opinions on random things – from finance to Hollywood gossip and everything in between. If you recently started a blog about your favorite passion or hobby, it is very hard to get that initial leg of traffic to your doorstep. Beware of many false schemes out there. The best way to get traffic is to organically start ranking on Google Blog search and other Google services. The first thing is to share your blog with your friends, but that network is limited. Any blogger’s dream is to get noticed by thousands of random people looking to consume the content – whether it is from Google Blog Search or through Facebook. Google bot – the Google robot that scans and indexes your blog will find your blog if it is being linked from popular directories, etc. but it is vital to give Google a hint or a nudge pointing their robot to your blog. The best way to do that is to submit your blog to the Google Blog Search robot.

Submit blog to Google Blog Search

Submit your blog to Google Blog search

Once you submit your blog you will encounter a confirmation message – “We’ll do our best to add it to our index as quickly as possible”. While Google doesn’t guanratee the fact that it will include your blog in it’s results, it is nonetheless very important to initially give Google the hint that your blog exists. Once it finds your blog and if you regularly post content Google willa automatically start crawling and scanning your blog to include it in the Google Blog Search as quickly as possible.

If you just started a blog, leave a note in the Comments below on what the blog is and why you started it.

Image Credit: Google

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