How to Embed YouTube Video in Website or Blog

YouTube is a great video website that has millions of videos available for viewing. To embed YouTube video in website or blog follow the simple steps outlined below.

How to Embed YouTube Video in Website or Blog

1. Go to YouTube and find the YouTube video you want to embed in website or blog. We will use the online sensation video PSY – Gangnam Style
2. Click on the Share label below the video. This will display all the Share options of the video.
Embed YouTube Video

Embed YouTube Video

3. Click on Embed labelEmbed YouTube Video Iconsince we want to embed YouTube video. Clicking on Embed label will display the Embed code for the YouTube Video. Note the default settings of the video. The default YouTube Embed video height is 560 and default width is 315. You can click on the dropdown and change it to custom embed YouTube video height and width according to your website or blog layout. Once you are done changing the Embed YouTube Video code settings grab the code in the textbox starting with <iframe… and directly cut and paste it into your website or blog webpage. If you are not the webmaster of your website, send the iframe code by email to your webmaster who can embed YouTube video exactly where you want it to show the video on the website.
Embed YouTube Video Code

Embed YouTube Video Code

4.The sample YouTube video is available below. You can directly watch the video here without going to

Embed YouTube Video in Website or Blog

Google owns YouTube and has a list of Google YouTube Channels that you should subscribe to know the latest product releases and features. YouTube is owned by Google and provides a dichotomy video viewing experience. The ability to quickly upload and view videos on YouTube has catapulted the video service to be the most popular video destination on the Internet. The rich addition of full length, high quality Tv shows has made YouTube an ocean of premium video content similar to other competitors like Hulu. Embed YouTube video in website or embed YouTube video in blog and empower your website visitors to view YouTube videos without leaving your website. If you have a YouTube video channel, you can enable users to subscribe YouTube channel. The power of YouTube is evident from the number of hours people spend on YouTube . Thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube everyday and you should leverage this amazing resource on your website or blog. Embed YouTube videos and let users watch YouTube videos without leaving your website by providing a seamless video experience in your website or blog.

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