YouTube Statistics: 500 Years of Video Watched on Facebook Everyday

YouTube Statistics

YouTube is a phenomenally popular service that has become a part of our daily lives. We tend to see videos on Facebook, share it with friends or consume the millions of daily. Have you ever wondered how much time people spend on YouTube, or on YouTube videos in Facebook NewsFeeds, Twitter Streams and more? YouTube Statistics Press report suggests the YouTube Statistics are fantastic. To quote their YouTube Statistics Press Report, over 500 years worth of videos are watched on Facebook everyday and over 700 videos are share on Twitter every minute. Take a minute and just digest that sentence. The explosion of video sharing on the Internet has been fueled primarily by the ease with which videos can be shared now – the YouTube Statistics are fueled by millions of smartphones, ipods, ipads and more. It has never been more simple to create a video and share it with friends and this viral mechanism has made YouTube very popular with users, content producers and advertisers creating a perfect platform for everyone in the eco-system to push the YouTube statistics beyond believable.

Other YouTube Statistics from the YouTube Press Report

  • 100 million people participate in social actions on YouTube every week . This includes video likes, comments and shares.
  • YouTube is available in more than 50 languages worldwide. Given the amount of languages spoken in the world, this only shows the untapped potential of the service
  • It is monetizing over 3 billion videos per week. If you thought Google Adwords was powerful, unlock the video advertising potential. Remember you don’t have to create a video ad, you can create a text ad and Google/YouTube will show that ad alongside relevant content.

Here is a short video from YouTube which was the first video (Me at the zoo) uploaded to the video sharing service in April, 2005. Yes that is pre-historic era in the world wide web and it stems from a sense of nostalgia for the service that has kept many students awake, many workers “productive” at work and for just being a cool video service. This video itself has clocked 7.1 million views, and 7 years of meteoric rise of the service has helped propel video partners, users, and owners (Google) into a new age of media consumption.

YouTube Statistics

Are you amazed at the amount of video watched on YouTube and other YouTube statistics? How many minutes or hours do you spend on YouTube? Do you usually go to YouTube only when your friends share interesting videos OR do you just go to YouTube and watch the latest rending videos? We would love to hear what our readers have to say about YouTube.

Image Credit: YouTube

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