How to Delete Quora Account Permanently

Quora is a popular q&a website that has grown in popularity among the tech and general Internet enthusiasts. If you signed up for a Quora account and have no used it in a while consider browsing Quora for great questions and answers. However, if you want to delete Quora account permanently follow the simple steps below.

How to Delete Quora Account Permanently

1. Log into your Quora account
2. In your Quora profile page, click on Settings
Quora Settings

Quora Settings

3.In your Quora Settings page, there will be a Deactivate Account option. Click on this option
Deactivate Quora Account

Deactivate Quora Account

4. A confirmation overlay will ask if you are sure you want to deactivate Quora account. If you are sure you want to delete Quora account, click Deactivate.
Delete Quora Account

Delete Quora Account

5. You will be logged out of your Quora account and you have now deleted and deactivate Quora Account. Note you will not receive emails and users will not be able to engage with you.

Delete Quora Account Permanently

Quota is a great question and answer website that has become known for high quality answers and intriguing questions. He community fostered by quota has over the years transformed the traditional notion of a q&a website. The website feature a rich list of celebrities who directly answer questions which makes the website authentic and original. Any q&a website requires both people who are curious about topics and people who are experts in specific fields. Quota is a young and vibrant q&a website that is bound to rise in popularity not only among the tech audience but among the general Internet population over the next few years. The niche categories it has attracts a  large cross-section of the Internet audience curious to learn and discover new things and while websites like Wikipedia provide documented and detailed information about topics, Quora is placed to be the one-stop shop for every curious Internet-savvy person online.

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