How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently?

Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is a great resource to follow interesting people you admire – whether it is a professional sports celebrity or a movie start there are millions of people on Twitter. Twitter is a great tool to share information about yourself and the various things that interest you. However, there are times when deleting your online presence includes social networks like Twitter given they are very public accounts that users wish to delete. To delete Twitter account permanently follow the steps outlines below.

1. Go directly to the Twitter website - log into your Twitter account

2. Click on the Profile link  the top-right. You might notice Orkut looking a bit different and that is because Orkut launched a major redesign of the entire product.

Delete Twitter Account - Twitter Profile Dropdown3. Click Settings option. On the Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Deactivate my account link.

4. A confirmation page will open describing in detail the deactivation process. Note that your user data will be retained for up to 30 days. Twitter . If you have come across pages on Google search results with your tweets, this is not the way to delete it. In fact if you delete Twitter Account permanently there is no guarantee that your public tweets syndicated by web pages across the page will lose it. If you delete Twitter Account, only your account and data will be deleted.

Delete Twitter Account - Deactivate

5. If you are sure you want to delete Twitter account , click on the Deactivate link and you are done. If you chang eyour mind and don’t want to delete Twitter account permanently you can always return to Twitter within 30 days and reactivate it.

Delete Twitter Account

If you have any questions on how to delete Twitter account permanenetly, leave a comment below and we will definitely help you out.

Image Credit: Twitter

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