Does Google Adwords Ranking Help With Organic Ranking?

Google Adwords Ranking

Google Adwords is a great tool for online marketing folks who want to see their website rank on the first page. But a question asked by many is whether spending a lot on Google Adwords allows you to rank higher in the organic (non-paid) search results page of Google. Adwords ranking DOES NOT affect search results page and that is one reason Google has been successful. It keeps the Adwords advertisers and the organic search results separate so as to maintain quality and level the playing field for everyone. If money determined search result positions. In fact money does not impact Adwords ranking as well. Well sort of, because Quality Score is used to determine quality of ads and a small business owner can compete with the likes of Coca Cola, AT&T in the search engine marketing space to achieve good Adwords ranking. Adwords ranking has no connection to organic result ranking and that is why many companies spend thousands of dollars on both SEO and SEM to achieve that perfect balance between free traffic acquisition and paid traffic acquisition.

Getting a Great Adwords Ranking

  • Start by optimizing your website – make sure the keywords you bid for are found on the landing page
  • Create attractive ads with a great value proposition – achieve higher CTR which will improve your Adwords ranking
  • Focus on negative keywords to improve quality of results – in the process get a higher CTR (more quality click throughs) and your Adwords ranking will improve

Here is a short video from the Google Business YouTube channel that tells you how to get start on Google Adwords. The video walks through how to join Adwords and create your first Adwords campaign. It also walks you through different statistics like Adwords ranking you will encounter in your Google Adwords dashboard to best optimize your account.

What is your Adwords Ranking?

Have you created an Adwords account? What is your impression of Adwords? We would love to hear your experience with Adwords and success with Adwords ranking.

Image Credit: Google

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