Should you buy a Home or a Condo?

Buy CondoThe advantages of buying a home over a condominium are usually fairly obvious to most people. Whether you buy a home or a condo, the final decision is very much up to you. A home will usually give more privacy than a condo, and usually, although not always, has more space. A home will also have a front or a back lawn, which is a big selling point for homes as well as aesthetically pleasing. Families with children are attracted to homes with lawns, and fenced in yards are great for those who have children or animals that like to play outdoors. If homeowners are interested in having a small playground, a swimming pool, or even a tree home for their children, owning a home instead of a condo is necessary. The privacy factor is also a big factor to people who favor owning a home versus a condo. Even for homes that are constructed closer together, privacy fences or hedges can be created to afford the luxury of being outside, yet protected from observation from anyone nearby. If you buy a home or a condo, privacy always features on the list as a top priority for most home owners and their families.

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Of course, there are disadvantages to owning a home. One of the biggest disadvantages is something that can be is an advantage to some, and that is the lawn, or rather the maintenance of a lawn. The bigger the lawn, the more time and money it will cost to maintain it. That leads in to the biggest advantage of owning a condo. There is no lawn to maintain, and common outdoor areas around the real estate property are maintained by someone who is hired by all of the condominium owners. People who are busy with careers, and who do not have time for doing yard work are very attracted to the lower hands-on maintenance that a condo offers. The disadvantage, of course, is the lack of privacy and area to play outside. It is for this reason that many single people end up purchasing condos, and families with children buy homes. If you buy a home or a condo, the investment will always be very high and home owners should be very careful in paying the mortgage on time regardless of whether it is a home or a condo. Whether you end up buying a home or a condo, the American Dream means different things to different people and only you at the end of the day can make a decision of buying a home or a condo that best fits the needs of your family.

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