How to Delete Yahoo Account Permanently

Yahoo is one of the oldest media portals on the Internet and offers a range of services to users. Yahoo mail,sports Flickr are only some of the great services yahoo offers. However, if you want to delete yahoo account permanently you can follow the steps outlined below.

How to Delete Yahoo Account Permanently

1. Go to

2. Log into your Yahoo account

3. If you are sure you want to delete Yahoo account permanently, visit the Yahoo Account Termination Page [see link below]

4. Read the detailed info the page has that includes highlighting what it means to delete Yahoo account permanently. If you are signed up for any premium Yahoo services, be sure to cancel subscription for those Yahoo premium services before deleting Yahoo account. Fill in the captcha below and if you are sure you want to delete Yahoo account, click Yes Terminate this Account and you will be logged out of your Yahoo account and Yahoo will delete Yahoo account.

Delete Yahoo Account

Delete Yahoo Account

Delete Yahoo Account Permanently

Yahoo is a great media portal that offers everything reform news to mail. Similar to Google, yahoo offers a search service that is powered by Bing. Millions of people visit yahoo everyday for different purposes. Some visit yahoo sports to find the latest news about their favorite sports team or schedules of upcoming matches for different sports like baseball and basketball. Yahoo finance offers stock quotes and other financial markets related information that can be used to make investment decisions. Like this yahoo offers a range of great services for users across multiple verticals and a yahoo account is useful to log into many of these services. You can delete yahoo account permanently but need to keep in mind that you cannot reactivity a closed yahoo account when you delete yahoo account. When deleting yahoo account, a single yahoo account cannot be removed. Instead deleting a yahoo account will remove all of the Yahoo services associated with the yahoo portal.

Yahoo Account Termination Page

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