How to Delete Reddit Account Permanently

Reddit is a very popular social news sharing website that has become very popular over the last few years thanks twits vibrant community and fans. However, if you don’t use Reddit a lot and want to delete Reddit account permanently follow the simple steps below.

How to Delete Reddit Account Permanently

1. Go to Reddit

2. Log into your Reddit Account

3. Navigate to the Reddit Preferences

4.Click on the Delete tab in the header. This will open the Delete Reddit Account page.

5. To delete Reddit account permanently, fill in the account credentials for security purposes and why you wish to delete Reddit account permanently (optional). Click Delete and Reddit will delete Reddit account and log you out of Reddit. Deleted Reddit accounts cannot be recovered again.

Delete Reddit Account

Delete Reddit Account

Note that deleting Reddit account permanently will not delete the Reddit posts and comments you have made. You will have to delete them before you delete Reddit account. If you want to provide feedback to Reddit, consider writing to them at their Feedback page (see link below)

Delete Reddit Account Permanently

Reddit is a vibrant social network that enables people to submit interesting news stories from around the web and upvote them based on relevance and popularity. It offers a very simple value proposition of maintaining an open and collaborative environment. Consider actually if you really want to delete Reddit account permanently, because there are to many websites like Reddit , Digg, etc. Reddit offers a clean system based on voting sorties and has many relevant categories like technology, arts, etc for people to discover information about. You can also create Reddit communities around topics that interest you the most. The ability to share news with other people in the community makes Reddit a close-knit and strong social sharing website. However, if you are sure you want to delete Reddit account permanently you can do so conveniently as Reddit offers many preferences.

Provide Feedback to Reddit

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