How to Report Twitter Spam

Twitter Spam

Twitter has become a universal messaging system for many people including students, celebrities, business-folks and a wide cross-section of society. With a large user base also comes the immense responsibility of protecting the integrity of the website by making it accessible and free of spam/malicious activity. Spam is often what users think is spam -which can range from something as harmless as a “cute” meme spreading wildly to malicious scams proliferating rapidly through messages, etc. When users come across Twitter spam, it is best that users immediately report this. Before retweeting a tweet, a user should carefully consider the quality o the tweet and the source of the tweet. Sensational news

Report Twitter Spam

1. If you think an , click on  in the top-right of the profile page of the Twitter user

2. Drop-down options will let you to either block the person or report to Twitter as spam. Click on Report {twitter_username} for spam.

Report Twitter Spam

3. A simple You have reported {twitter_user} for spam message appears next to it. While that is the end of the user action to report Twitter spam, Twitter shares some fascinating news on how it goes about fighting spam.

While anyone can report Twitter spam, Twitter has aggressively fought Twitter spam over the years. The 2010 report on the state of Twitter spam shows a remarkable decrease of Twitter spam activity on Twitter. In the words of Twitter from the article above, it is interesting to note what it classifies as spam – “Posting harmful links to phishing or malware sites, repeatedly posting duplicate tweets, and aggressively following and un-following accounts to attract attention are just a few examples of spam on Twitter” which again is very subjective and one of the reasons Twitter asks user feedback in tackling spam. The Twitter shortner ( in many ways is not only helpful for users to quickly shorten links and share it with Twitter followers, but also helps Twitter fight spam as it can readily analyze content so the link and asses whether it is safe for users on Twitter.

Report Twitter Spam on Twitter

Have you come across any

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