How to Follow Someone on Twitter

Twitter is a popular social networking site brimming with millions of users and there are few celebrities in the list of Twitter users. The kind of attention and trend gained by the social networking sites like Twitter is encouraging everyone to try out social networking online. Twitter is one of the top most popular social network sites with prominent people as active members in it. It is very common interest for many of us to follow someone on Twitter and following someone on Twitter is possible by following these simple steps.

How to Follow Someone on Twitter

  • It is highly imperative and first step in the process to have an account with Twitter. You can open a new free account with Twitter within few minutes at Twitter official site.
  • It is easy to follow someone on Twitter, when you have their Twitter ID by clicking on the FOLLOW button under their Twitter profile.
  • If you do not have the Twitter ID, then search the ID on Twitter by entering the person name in the search bar of the Twitter. Twitter will display a few IDs those are with the similar name.  Check the list and find out the particular person’s ID to follow.
  • If you think that searching from the search bar of the Twitter is time consuming to follow someone on Twitter, then search this particular person in your email address book. Nowadays, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail provide “Find on other networks” tab, which can lead you to the person’s Twitter ID quite easily so that you can follow someone on Twitter.
  • For example, you’re currently on someone’s Twitter page and you want to follow someone on Twitter, then you can do it instantly by clicking the FOLLOW button on the page successfully.
  • If your interest is to follow someone that is already following you on Twitter, then you can do it by going to the Twitter user profile. There is a button called “Followers” in under the profile and clicking this button can enable easy following of people who are already following you.

Follow Someone on Twitter

But, there is a tip to be strictly followed before to follow someone on Twitter. It is highly imperative to keep away from excessive promotional activity as that can lead to Twitter users unfollowing accounts. Only try to follow someone on Twitter those you are interested and tweet out useful information.

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