How to Play Games on Google Plus

Google Plus is a new social network that has enabled users around the world to connect with each other. As a vibrant platform, Google Plus has become a part of millions of users daily activity by enabling users to hangout, connect and chat with people across the world. A vibrant platform should also support external developers who can seamlessly build applications on top of the platform. Google Plus enables you to play games and here are the simple steps you need to follow to play games on Google Plus.

How to Play Games on Google Plus

1. Log into your Google Account.

2. Join Google Plus if you haven’t already created a Google Plus Account

3. Explore the different games on Google Plus by going to the Google Plus Games page (see link below). You can identify Google Games by this icon Games on Google Plus .

4.  Explore the Google Games Directory or start playing the games featured in the Google Plus Games home page.

5. There is also the Google Plus Notifications tab in the header which will keep track of all in-game notifications games send you. These can include your high-scores, requests and more that are there to re-engage you with games. If you want to return to the last game you played, go to the Google Plus homepage and the Game Stream will highlight the most recent games you have interacted with.

6. Once you have decided to play games on Google Plus, you can click through any game thumbnail and a request overlay will be displayed.

7. This request overlay will request permission to access your basic and detailed Google Plus Profile

Games on Google Plus [See Google Plus Games]

Games on Google Plus have become very popular as they let you play games with friends and others in your Google Plus Circles. Google Plus as a gaming platform is taking off because of the high-quality nature of the games. Games in Google Plus will enable users to gain access to thousands of new and innovative games. Users can give permission to games so that their profile can be used to sign into games in Google Plus.

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