How to Disable Cookies in Chrome

Google chrome is a great lightweight Internet browser that keeps the Internet browser experience as simple as possible. If you browse the Internet browsers like Google Chrome allow third-party websites to store your information in cookies. If you want to disable cookies in Chrome follow the simple steps outlined below.

How to Disable Cookies in Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome. Click on the Settings icon Chrome Settings Icon . Choose Settings in the drop down menu.
2. Click on Show advanced settings...  This will open up the Privacy Settings for Google Chrome.
2. In Privacy Settings choose Content Settings…
3.A overlay will show you all the options associated with Google Chrome cookies. You can use this screen to disable cookies in Chrome.
Chrome Disable Cookies

Chrome Disable Cookies

4. Select Block sites from setting any data. This will disable cookies in Chrome. Also select the checkbox Block third-party cookies and site data to block any attempts by websites to set cookie or site data such as location, etc. If you are using Chrome in iPhone, be sure to disable cookies in Chrome on iPhone as well.

Disable Cookies in Google Chrome

Google chrome is one of the largest Internet browsers thanks to the innovative efforts of Google . Google’s core competency is search and while millions of people search online everyday, Google has incorporated this search experience into the browser that is Google chrome. Cookies are used by various websites to store important information like usernames, etc. ad delivery is also an important part of using cookies as they enable companies to better target and deliver their ads. While cookies can be annoying some times and pose privacy threat they also come with distinct advantages. Many websites use cookies to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences and customization options you picked on your previous visit. When you disable cookies in Chrome, Google Chrome will block websites you visit from storing any information about you like usernames, location, etc. However, if you are not comfortable with cookies being used, disable cookies in chrome. If y own a smartphone like apple iPhone, turn off cookies in iPhone as well to avoid websites using cookies to store your information.

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