How to Delete SurveyMonkey Account Permanently

Delete SurveyMonkey account if you don’t want to use the survey network to collect responses to your surveys. Survey,on key is one of the most powerful survey platforms on the Internet and allows you to design surveys, collect results and analyze responses. However, if you want to delete SurveyMonkeyaccount follow the simple steps outlined below.

How to Delete SurveyMonkey Account Permanently

1. There is no official way to delete SurveyMonkey account. You can certainly downgrade your account to the Free SurveyMonkey account. You can downgrade to the Free plan by logging into your SurveyMonkey account and navigating to the Account Settings tab.

2. However, there is a process outlined by SurveyMonkey to delete SurveyMonkey account. You have to directly write to SurveyMonkey Customer Support and request that they delete SurveyMonkey account.

3.Access the SurveyMonkey Account Support link [see link below]. Fill out the form asking SurveyMonkey to delete SurveyMonkey account. Write “I confirm I’d like (my username) permanently deleted/disassociated.” and describe the reason you want to delete SurveyMonkey account. Once you deactivate SurveyMonkey account, according to SurveyMonkey “your data will be deleted and your username can be used by new SurveyMonkey registrants.” Note there is no Delete SurveyMonkey account link within your account settings and this is the only way currently to close SurveyMonkey account.

Delete SurveyMonkey Account

Delete SurveyMonkey Account

Delete SurveyMonkey Account Permanently

SurveyMonkey is a powerful survey platform that allows you to design robust surveys and collect responses from users online. It is useful for a number of different reasons. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, this is a great platform to use to ask your existing customers and/or send out to a mailing list.
There are direct types of survey monkey accounts including a free version. Corporations that regularly survey users for feedback can use theory bust survey monkey platform to engage its consumers. Premium accounts are also available if you want to survey a larger group of users. SurveyMonkey will collect the results from your target audience and enable you to analyze the results to draw out key insights.
However, if you want to cancel SurveyMonkey account, SurveyMonkey offers a simple solution to delete survey monkey account. You can follow simple steps outlined above to delete SurveyMonkey account.

 SurveyMonkey Account Support

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