How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

Delete Skype account permanently if you are not interested in using Skype. Skype is. Great tool to call people around the world and is free. However, after signing up and using Skype, if you don’t want to retain your Skype account, you can delete Skype account permanently by following the simple steps below.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

1. There is no official way to delete Skype account or close Skype account. What Skype does offer you is the ability to remove information from the Skype account.

2. To delete Skype account, Skype Support recommends you log into your Skype account.

3. Click on Skype > Profile > Edit Your Profile…

Delete Skype Account

Delete Skype Account

4. Remove all the information in all the fields in the Skype profile. Edit and clear out important fields like Name, Skype Profile Picture, Email Ids, etc.

This will ensure you delete Skype account and will also ensure that by deleting Skype account, no user can find your Skype account.

Delete Skype Account Permanently

Skype is now part of Microsoft and with that comes great possibilities of integration with other services offered by Microsoft including Microsoft office, Xbox, etc. Skype has become an ubiquitous service for many people around the world. While long distance calls have traditionally cost a lot of money, Skype enabled VoIP calls over Internet that transformed communication in the digital era. Skype to Skype calls are free but you can buy Skype credits to call Skype to phone numbers and the integrated nature of Skype technology makes it a robust technology in today’s world. Skype is used by many people around the world including individuals and businesses. With Skype becoming more ubiquitous having a Skype account has become an essential part of communicating with family and friends. Skype is available on mobile devices like iPhone, ipad ,etc. making it truly interoperable with different devices so that you can communicate with your friends and family.


Skype Support

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