How to Apply For Google Grant

Google is currently offering grants up to $10,000 and this will be free and comes every month. There are few pre-requisites to apply for Google grant and applicant should have nonprofit account. There is a chance for eligible accounts to receive up to $10,000 in Adwords advertising every month too. At present, there are around 4000 nonprofits successfully receiving these Google grants. To learn how to apply for Google Grants, see the tips below.

Let us see eligibility criteria to apply for Google grant and those are as below:

 Nonprofit accounts within the USA are eligible to apply for this grant, but should have 501.c.3. IRS status for their non-profit organization. Here, agencies should have their 50% income included within the IRS Form 990 in the form of tax returns as “Program Service Revenue”.

  • Applicant should have their own non-profit website to apply for Google Grant
  • This website shouldn’t carry any ads that are generating revenue like Google AdSense.
  • There should be regular management over the website ad campaigns without fail in order to be eligible to apply for Google grant. Here, strict adherence with the Google guidelines in building your AdWords account will be essential and will be verified in detail too. Also, it is highly imperative to have AdWords account with the relevant, timely and accurate keywords usage too.
  • The maximum cost per click advertisers can set is $2.00 per click under this program.
  • There is no best time to apply for the Google grant as Google reviews received applications on regular basis. Currently, Google is taking approximately 1 month duration to answer and review an application.

Apply For Google Grant

Each grant application will be asked to supply brief organization statement, ad copy, and some more. Here, organization statement should emphasize more attention on explaining the benefit of this grant program. Here, entire review process for the approval will be dependent on the provided information and reviewing authority will verify your website too. The entire process to apply for Google grant is simple and decision will be notified to the applicant through the registered email.

 Google Grant

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