Google Consumer Surveys for Advertisers and Publishers

Google Ad FormatsGoogle is known to come up with many innovative ad formats for the web and this time they have introduced a novel concept – Google Consumer Surveys. Google Consumer Surveys is an innovative ad product by Google that aims to revolutionize surveys. While surveys are often very expensive and hard to administer, Google has made it very convenient for advertisers to survey a large sample of audience at an affordable cost. While Nielsen has become a popular source of statistics and surveys in the world, Google Consumer Survey is aimed directly at the core of Nielsen and will be interesting to see what the outcome of this product is. If they do decide to integrate it with Google Adwords, it will make for a powerful combination for marketing professionals and companies intending to market their brand across the world. For now the product looks to be available only in the US. but the opportunities for advetisers and publishers are numerous given the ability to leverage the large online audience.

Benefits of Google Consumer Surveys for Advertisers

  • Analyze results in your dashboard – make meaningful decisions based on hard-data that is relevant
  • One question at a time: Google Consumer Surveys displays one question at a time as opposed to inundating users with many questions
  • Get real-time data – results are updated as they come from users allowing advertisers to gauge quality of responses and feedback during important events
  • Easy setup – there is no setup fee or management fee as Google Consumer Surveys is a self-serve platform

Benefits of Google Consumer Surveys for Publishers

  • Earn money every time users answer a question – great engagement for users.
  • Engage your existing traffic and monetize them through innovative ad formats; it will compliment your existing banner ads
  • Easy setup of Google Consumer Surveys on your website – show users your premium content only when they answer
  • As a publisher if you think you have premium content on your website, signup with Google Consumer Surveys and see if your website is eligible to run their Google Consumer Surveys widget.

Example of Google Consumer Survey [might be geo-targeted - see here if you can't see a live demo]

Google Consumer Surveys -

Here is a short video from Google explaining how Google Consumer Surveys works. The video presents numerous use cases for surveys and also gives pricing and other important information.

Google Consumer Surveys – Has Google Done a Great Job in coming up with innovative Ad formats?

If you plan on using Google Consumer Surveys as an advertiser or publisher, let us know the reason behind your decision. Do share your thoughts in the Comments below.

Image Credit: Google

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