Amazing DLF IPL 2012 Ad

DLF IPL 2012 Ad

The DLF IPL 2012 has already generated a lpot of buzz given that one team have already been removed (Kochi). The IPL is never short of controversy and the recent Sahara – BCCI conflict has created a lot of buzz and excitement around the tournament. Ganguly is bakc to the middle leading the Pune Warriors and . While the IPL 2011 was right after the world cup, cricket fatigue was evident with the buzz being clouded by the World Cup victory of India. This time however after a string of losses in England and Australia, IPL 2012 might just be the tournament to ignite the passion in the minds of millions of cricket fans. It is hard to ignore T20 and in all probability will take away more matches at the cost of ODIs and Test matches. The global appeal of the T20 format and the mix of actors, cricketers and nail-biting action provides the perfect package for cricket fans worldwide.

This DLF IPL 2012 Ad by Bang Bang Films is a phoenomenal example of what creativity can do in the advertising world. While traditional TV ads are very big in India, the ability to reach a worldwide audience of IPL through online platforms is a new avenue for brand analysts and advertisers to capitalize on. The DLF IPL 2012 Ad capitalizes on the Gilly Danda lingo to refer to Gilly Funda – Adam Gilchrist – one of modern cricket’s greatest keeper-batsmen. Dravid Wall needs no introduction and it is great how they have incorporated these cricket terms with carnival rides and exhibitions. The Slinga Malinga game is not as lethal as the real yorker, but gives you a change to win some goodies in the game stand at the IPL Carnival. IPL is all about sellingĀ fansĀ an experience and the DLF IPL 2012 Ad uses that analogy to invite people to watch their favorite stars in action this IPL season. Will you tune into IPL 2012?

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What did you think of the DLF IPL 2012 Ad? Do you think IPL 2012 will be better and bigger than IPL 2011. What team are you supporting? Shar eyour thoughts and views about IPL 2012 Ad and teams in the Comments below.

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