What is Onboarding Operational Data?

Onboarding operational data is the process of integrating data from various internal and external partners into an company’s information pipeline infrastructure to support a company’s business processes and practices. The ability to quickly onboard operational data is a major requirement.

Many companies, in various industries, have business requirements for onboarding operational data from external sources including from other departments within the company, as well as from third party business partners. They have very specific practices regarding incorporating structured onboarding operational data. While some organizations onboard operational data that is delivered to them in a predictable format, many organizations must respond in real-time to new data formats provided by new partners. The inherent complexities, delays, and errors can delay the process and often interrupt the flow of onboarding operational data within the organization.

Examples of organizations that must efficiently use onboarding operational data

• B2B manufacturers that must synchronize Enterprise Resource Planning and other data across a network of suppliers, subcontractors, and distributors.

• Pharmaceutical companies that need to analyze the distribution of drugs by processing the daily transactions of the pharmacies that dispense its products around the world. The information in many countries is not readily available in electronic format, but countries that have centrally linked databases can easily transport the onboarding operational data to the required parties.

• Marketing service providers that accept data from customers to create new campaigns, perform data enrichment and data cleansing, and other services. Adwords is a great example of providing real-time information of marketing agencies around the world on how people are responding to their product or service.

• Discount retailers that depend on being able to rapidly integrate with new suppliers to quickly offer and sell their distressed inventory. Walmart is a prime example of a discount retailer that has mastered the art of onboarding operational data with suppliers

• Service providers such as health insurance vendors or 401-K administrators that must quickly support new enterprise customers.

While onboarding operational data is an important business process, many organizations do not treat it as a mission-criti­cal component of their enterprise data strategy. As important business process, organizations can gain dramatic business benefits from onboarding operational data – both tangible and intangible benefits by improving accuracy and efficiency and reducing costs and complexities associated with developing, executing, reusing, and maintaining their onboarding processes.

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