Should you buy your kid an iPad?

Apple iPad2When we were children things were much simpler, the ways of getting to an information were limited and no matter how many are the perks of the high technology environment, the old fashioned living still has its advantages. Parenting was one of the things that were much less difficult, because it was so much easier to make a distinction between what is wrong and right in the upbringing of a child. Today we are part of a world that is changing with incredible speed – every day new revolutionary technologies  and applications are being introduced, with unfamiliar features and functions. Before we let our children use the advantages of these new technologies, first we must get acquainted with them ourselves, because information and technology is like a knife with two blades, it could be used either way. It all started with the first personal computer, then the lap tops, the mobile phones, the smart phones and lately the tablet PCs.
     The iPad is in fact a tablet PC released from the Apple Company. It’s a device that incorporates the features of a computer and a mobile phone. It features many useful applications that can be used for educational purposes, such as
  • MathBoard ipad app, developed for kids from kindergarten and elementary school with lot of quizzes about elementary math functions.
  • Another ipad app is Solar System, where the child can get a visual presentation about the planet of the solar system.
  • For science oriented students there is also the ipad app Monster Anatomy HD, useful for studying how the human body is built.
  •  A general ipad app like Letters by Montessorium, where the child can learn to pronounce, spell and read correctly appeals to a wide audience.

     But the iPad can be used for almost anything else, such as playing  music,  watching video, taking photos, making phone calls, video games and it is equipped with a Wi-Fi internet connection, which means it can be used for accessing every piece of content on the internet, so it requires constant supervision by an adult or you can use the parental control to block some of the harmful content from children. Overall, the iPad is a great device when used with caution, which means you should buy your child this gadget, but you should also use the parental controls to make sure that the device is used responsibly and with supervision.

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