What are REO Listings?

REO Listings – Real Estate Owned listings are homes that went into foreclosure and not immediately sold, and are owned by a financial lender.

What is a Good Faith Estimate?

A good faith estimate is an estimate of closing costs given by the lender to the loan applicant within three days of the submission of the loan application.

What is Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is made to a purchaser for financing a new home before the buyer’s old home has sold to fund the purchase price of the new home.

What is Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

An adjustable rate mortgage has an interest rate that does not stay the same, but changes over the course of the home mortgage at a rate that is determined by the lender before the ...

Who are Realtors in the US?

A Realtor or Realtors is a member of the National Association of Realtors. Only about half of the real estate agents in the United States today are Realtors. Realtors have a very strict ...

How does Real Estate Escrow Work?

When a buyer and seller agree to a real estate transaction, a real estate escrow account is opened. The buyer usually places a deposit into the real estate escrow account. An escrow ...

How do I find Real Estate agents?

There are several ways to find real estate agents. Many people today look for real estate agents online. There are buyer’s real estate agents who work for the buyer as well as ...
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